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Bitcoin facts

Here are some Bitcoin facts: There are only 21 million Bitcoins. The founder of Bitcoin took almost 1 million coins. Bitcoin transactions are public but cannot be stopped. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. Bitcoin has no official symbol. Bitcoin is simply a digital code, with no real value. Bitcoin is seen as digital Gold. No one […]

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The effect of Bitcoins

Bitcoins has inspired the financial industry to improve on its systems to be more decentralized, autonomous and transparent.   Despite the fact that banks shy away from Bitcoins, over 70 of the world’s major major banks are using Blockchain technology to improve their global inter-bank settlement systems[4].   Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology has also allowed us […]

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Why use Bitcoins?

Speed Unlike conventional transactions which are processed in days, global Bitcoins transactions are settled in minutes.   Anonymity Bitcoin’s anonymity feature means it is used by people who crave for financial anonymity.   Low fees Bitcoin transaction fees are the lowest of all financial systems and currencies.   Autonomy Bitcoin transactions cannot be censored while […]

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How do we get Bitcoins?

The classic way to acquire Bitcoins is to buy it with fiat currency. Other means to get Bitcoins such as Bitcoin facets, earning through gig sites, casino or games would only get you a few cents worth of Bitcoins in years. If you want real Bitcoins, simply buy it using cash, debit cards or bank […]

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What is Bitcoins used for?

Remittance Bitcoins is used for global remittance. You can send money to anyone anywhere in any country, through the internet.   Recipients do not need to have a bank account, and transactions cannot be censored by even government agencies.   Bitcoin remittance services include: Mobi, Abra and Local Bitcoins.   Shopping You can also use […]

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Who created Bitcoins?

Bitcoins was released by an anonymous entity under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto and has since been run as an open source project.   Satoshi Nakamoto has since 2010 abstained from any online activity and vanished into oblivion.   No one knows who the actual individual behind the alias is, whether its a group of […]

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What is Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a peer to peer crypto currency and the world’s first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins are digital tokens which are moved from the digital wallet of one user to another during a transaction. The Bitcoin network is powered by a network of voluntary computers running the Bitcoin client which allows them to keep an […]

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